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Grief & Bereavement Publications

In conjunction with the launch of the inaugural Grief and Bereavement Conference in Singapore on 31 October 2018, the Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) has published two books to raise community awareness of this topic and for individuals to know where to seek help and get support when necessary.

Caring for Yourself and Others After a Death

People live, people love, and people die. Most of us will lose someone important to us at some point in our lives. Losing someone important is never easy. It is so common, yet, not many are confident in providing support and comfort to the bereaved. Caring for Yourself and Others After a Death is meant for both people who have lost a loved one and those supporting them. For the bereaved, it provides a brief overview of what different people may experience and tips on taking care of oneself. For those supporting the bereaved, it provides suggestions on how to care for them in different contexts and situations. Whether a loss happens in a family, school, workplace or community, there are ways we can be more supportive and compassionate towards people in grief. This book is supported by Temasek Foundation Cares.

When a Death Occurs – a Guide to Practical Matters

Facing the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Besides coping with our own emotions, there are also many practical matters that need to be handled. What is a certificate of death? How do I plan a funeral? How does a will work? What will happen to my loved one’s assets and possessions?
When a Death Occurs: A Guide to Practical Matters sheds light on some of these frequently asked questions about the practi­cal and legal aspects relating to a death. This handbook provides an overview on funeral planning, certification of death, and asset distribution to assist the bereaved in understanding the practical processes involved after a loved one’s death. This book is published in partnership with Ang Chin Moh Foundation. It is a valuable resource contributed by the collaboration between SHC and volunteer law students supervised under A/Prof Ruby Lee.

Errata (7 November 2018)

You can also approach a social worker in a health or social service institution known to you for bereavement support. There is also a list of Community Bereavement Service Providers in both books for those who need to seek help and support.