Keeping spirits up

Meaningful last moments

Through collaboration between SingHealth Community Hospital (SCH) and HCA Hospice, a palliative patient was able to enjoy his favourite activity and find comfort during the end stage of his life. “Look at what I did!” exclaimed Mr W. His eyes sparkled with excitement as he proudly held up his masterpiece

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Community of support

A better quality of life

For frail, elderly patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) who also suffer from multiple other ailing conditions, choosing conservative care with non-dialysis treatment and spending more time in the community or at home may be their preferred choice. Although 84-year-old Ahamed has lower limb weakness, he becomes instantly mobile

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Growing in the Vocation

Stay the distance

A social worker shares his thoughts on burnout and self-care when facing challenges working in the palliative care space. Mr Steven Kuah is a senior social worker at  Metta Hospice Care, with more than 10 years of experience in the social service sector, including over two years in hospice care.

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Heeding the call to care

We hear from a new palliative care nurse about his experience on the job. I have worked as an intensive care unit nurse for seven years, and when COVID-19 hit, I was directly involved in taking care of infected patients. Working during the pandemic was the most difficult experience of

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Assisi Hospice

Caring for the person

The team from Assisi Hospice shares how the Personhood Headboard impacts the way they care for patients as unique individuals. At every bed in the inpatient ward at Assisi Hospice, you will find a small board with the following sections: “Call Me..”, “I Enjoy…”, “What comforts me…”, “I dislike…”, “I

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Ask the Experts

How to make it easier for people to live till the end at home?

On the episode of The Straits Times Health Check Podcast, released on 16 August 2023, Ms. Joyce Teo, Senior Health Correspondent at The Straits Times, engages in a compelling conversation with Ms. Sim Bee Hia, the Executive Director of the Singapore Hospice Council on the intricate challenges of passing away

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Ask the Experts

Harnessing Knowledge, Linking Hands

Dr Grace Yang, Chairman of 8th Singapore Palliative Care Conference (SPCC 2023) Organising Committee, and Dr Raphael Lee, Chairman of SPCC 2023 Scientific Committee, share their thoughts on the palliative care sector, research and SPCC 2023. Dr Grace Yang is Senior Consultant for the Division of Supportive & Palliative Care

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Community of support

The best care possible

Caregivers, family and friends can work together with their loved ones’ care team to ensure the best possible palliative care. The study “Cross Country Comparison of Expert Assessments of the Quality of Death and Dying 2021” published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management in December led by Professor

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