Leaving a legacy

Authoring life chapters

The Singapore Cancer Society Psychosocial Services and Hospice Team supports the terminally ill in living out their life narratives in unique and creative ways. Death and terminal illnesses can be difficult topics to navigate. A 2014 Lien Foundation study 1 found that 45% of respondents said that not knowing how

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Outram Community Hospital

Caring to the end

Advance Care Planning discussions ensured that the healthcare team fulfils the personal care goals of palliative patients. It has been three days since Madam C’s funeral ended and Medical Social Worker (MSW) Goei Wen Yang wondered how her faithful husband was coping with his loss. He could still recall the

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Planning in Time

From acceptance to closure

When patients in palliative wards bring up their imminent passing, they are often propelled not by fear of death but a wish to be informed so that they can plan for the remaining days and seek closures till life ends. Healthcare workers in the palliative wards sometimes find themselves being

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Singapore Hospice Council

Plan well to leave well

Three Singapore Hospice Council volunteers share their views on end-of-life care planning and why it matters. When you or your loved ones are faced with life-limiting illnesses, having plans and documents in place which reflect one’s choices, values and beliefs can help to provide a definitive peace of mind. It

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Check List

Planning ahead

When it comes to end-of-life planning, we know it is essential to plan ahead of time. Medical Social Worker Chew Li Sien from Dover Park Hospice shares how you can start planning with an End-of-Life Planning Checklist. Death can be a complex topic, and conversations about end-of-life planning remain a

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SHC Outreach

Building the best endgame for you and your loved ones

Singapore Hospice Council’s public library exhibitions aim to educate and encourage die-logues on planning ahead. Many of us want to leave well, but lack awareness or understanding of the services, resources and support available. As part of Singapore Hospice Council’s (SHC) efforts to educate the public on palliative care and

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Comfort of contact

The touch of angels

The HCA Vigil Angels programme focuses on the dignity of the imminently dying and provides respite for their loved ones. HCA Vigil Angel Foong Yuet Foong distinctly remembers her first assignment with the programme. The patient was a frail, elderly lady with a large tumour on her neck. Yuet Foong

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Assisi Hospice

Reaching out to those in grief

The journey doesn’t end with the departure of a loved one, but continues in the comforting of those who have to deal with the void in their lives. Bereavement care is part of the continuum of palliative care for patients and their families and is as important as the care

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Continue Training

Learning to go the distance

Yishun Health’s GeriCare team builds bridges and overcomes hurdles to pave the way for healthcare workers on their learning journeys. GeriCare, a partnership network comprising Yishun Health and eight nursing homes, has been broadening the existing training and learning opportunities. The latest initiatives — PowerFacts and #midwksnack — can be

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