Leaving in peace and comfort

The new Violet Programme was created to meet the rising needs of patients at end-of-life with organ failure and dementia. It was Chinese New Year Eve in 2021 when a member of the Violet Programme (ViP) team received a call from St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Henderson). “The blood pressure of

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Community of support

Caregiving in a time of COVID-19

Dover Park Hospice Medical Social Worker Michelle Lau and Music Therapist Camellia Soon talk about the Hospice’s new initiative DPHCares, which aims to support caregivers virtually during the pandemic with stress-relieving tips. What are the stressors to caregivers brought about by COVID-19?The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional layers of

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HCA Hospice Care

Nurturing the spirit

Spiritual counselling plays a key role in building the resilience of caregivers, as they grapple with the physical and emotional toll of caring for their loved ones. For caregiver Juliana, life had been an endless cycle of responsibilities — caring for her ailing mother and elderly father; attending to her

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Changi General Hospital

Building resilience in caregiving

Caregivers play an immensely vital role in the lives of their loved ones. Self-care is important to build physical and mental stamina for the long haul. For most, the act of caregiving in itself is rewarding and one that is a testament to the strong bonds that underlie the relationship.

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St. Andrew’s Community Hospital

A journey of love

The special bond with her mother-in-law enabled a daughter-in-law to walk the last stretch with her without regrets. I was first introduced to palliative care when St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH) set up its Palliative Care Ward in 2015. Then, I would avoid the ward as facing death denotes sorrow.

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Come what may

Here are 10 tips to help caregivers carry on caring. Pandemic or endemic, lockdown or restricted measures, caregivers do not really care. When you have had to confront scarier C-words from cancer and chronic illnesses to cognitive disability, COVID-19 is just another item on the list. For this agile and

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Foundation for Trust

Trusting each other to care

Taking care of palliative patients can be a challenge for caregivers, but with the help of a trusted care team, the experience can be one filled with peace and dignity instead of being an ordeal. Oh, my daughters are here!” cried Madam C (not her real name), jovially. Sitting on

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Fully in the moment

The resilient love

A senior staff nurse shares encounters of courageous caregivers who kept on going even as the going got rough. I have been a senior staff nurse at Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Hospice Care Service for nine amazing years, during which I’ve seen how wonderful caregivers are in caring for their

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Finding a deeper purpose

The journey of becoming better palliative care workers starts with ourselves. Being in my 20s, thoughts of one day being unable to see clearly or use the toilet on my own may seem premature. However, it shouldn’t be pushed out of mind either. After all, ageing is a universal experience.

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