Leaving from home

Better and better, day by day

Madam Salmah retraced her husband’s last journey and how she found the peace in acceptance and gratitude. Madam Salmah Beevi bte Kader has been married to Mr Abu Bakar bin Kunju Baba for 43 years and they were inseparable. Mr Abu Bakar was a protective husband who insisted on accompanying

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Essence of life

Who are you caring for?

Two care workers share their views on what is truly important when it comes to a good goodbye. Residents arrive in a nursing home and hospice with a prognosis. With this in mind, care staff strive to meet residents where they are, to empathise and provide comfort care. However, when

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Dover Park Hospice

My hospice, my home

It’s possible to find fulfilment of one’s final wish in the most unexpected of places. Dover Park Hospice Medical Social Worker Clara Kong shares how it was possible for one of her patients. I first met Mr Leong Siew Khai when he was admitted to Dover Park Hospice with stage

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Facing the moment

Better late than never

St Luke’s Hospital’s chaplain, Esther Goh, reflects on making a final farewell without regrets. When people learn that they are only left with a few months or even weeks to live, they may inadvertently face overwhelming feelings, not knowing what to do. With the clock ticking, it may be advisable

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Leave with dignity

On your own terms

In using the dignity model of palliative care, Singapore Cancer Society enables patients to have closure. Preserving one’s dignity in satisfying a person’s end-of-life care needs is often associated with describing a ‘good death’. Dignity care at Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) focuses on maintaining one’s dignity in three broad domains

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Assisi Hospice

Advantages of early Advance Care Planning

Assisi Hospice’s Senior Medical Social Worker/Counsellor Ms Ivee Tee shares a patient’s case study. Sixty-four-year-old Mr Tan (name has been changed) was diagnosed with cancer and referred to Assisi Hospice for palliative care and symptom management in July 2020. Even though Mr Tan could still care for himself at that

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An heirloom to treasure

A mother’s love

To most, it’s merely a cookbook. But for one palliative patient at Sengkang Community Hospital, the collection of recipes was part of her legacy that allowed her to live out the remainder of her life meaningfully. Madam Julie Wee’s life was not always smooth sailing. Ever since her husband passed

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Leaving memories

End-of-life conversations: start at the beginning

Patients and their caregivers can use the recently published A Family Dignity Intervention Journey: Our Lasting Legacy to create their own legacy document. Did you know that the most important and meaningful stories in our lives are actually our own? The ones that were created since the day we were

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engaging with seniors

Seize the moment

With seniors being more susceptible to the adverse effects of COVID-19, it may be time to get the conversation going with your loved one sooner rather than later. While the COVID-19 situation has improved in Singapore, especially with the vaccine now available, it is widely acknowledged that the crisis has

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