Capturing the heart of palliative care with the “Courage to Care” Photo Competition

SPCC 2023 Courage To Care Photo Competition

Capturing the heart of palliative care with the “Courage to Care” Photo Competition

Step into a world of warmth, love, and profound human connection as we showcase the winning photographs and celebrate the unwavering commitment of palliative healthcare providers.

Singapore Hospice Council’s (SHC) inaugural photo competition with the evocative theme of “Courage to Care”, held in conjunction with the 8th Singapore Palliative Care Conference (SPCC 2023), aimed to recognise the courage, dedication, and compassion of palliative healthcare professionals in their work and interactions with patients and caregivers.

With submissions from local and international participants, the competition showcased the vital work and impact of palliative care. Judged on originality, creativity, and relevance to the theme, five winners were chosen for the following categories: Most Heartwarming, Most Colourful, Most Courageous, Most Creative, and Most Inspiring —each presenting a unique story of courage and care. The winners attended the SPCC 2023 Conference Dinner on 1 July and received their combined prize of cash and dining vouchers worth up to $500 during the presentation ceremony.

Most Inspiring & Most Popular

Dr Kinley Bhuti

Clinical Fellow , Division of Supportive and Palliative Care, NCCS, Singapore

 You don’t need rocket science or cutting-edge technology to cure all ailments; all you need is a heart full of compassion and courage to care. (Picture taken during home visit of palliative care patient who was basking in sun during the team visit to her home, somewhere in Bhutan.)

Most Heartwarming

Dr Amrita Shrestha

Consultant Paediatrician, Palliative Care and Chronic Disease, Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal

Comforting voice, and a calm demeanor, Dr. Ruth Powys walks in with the Lord’s presence, which reflects how she speaks with her patients. Mr. Colin Smith, a British citizen who made Nepal his home, known as “Putali Bajey”, “Butterfly Grandad”, dedicated his life to studying the butterfly species of Nepal, is now frail and sadly uninterested even in butterflies, his life’s legacy. Dr. Ruth brings comfort to him with her presence and without hesitation joins hands to say a little prayer with him.

Most Colourful

Wong Yat Yen

Nurse, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

This photo was 2022 Christmas carolling. Ward 83 believes that we are one of the pillars of strength and hope for our patients. Singing songs they like helps them uplift their spirit and feel hope and love. Letting them know that we want them to smile, to move and groove to the music and simply enjoy the moment. In Ward 83, we let our patients know that they have Us.

Most Courageous

Manju BK

Nurse, Palliative Care & Chronic Disease Department, INF Nepal Green Pasture Hospital, Nepal

    This photo was captured by me (Manju BK) during palliative care community (home) visit. We go home visit 20km around our Palliative Care and Chronic Disease Department Premises. This patient lives up in the hillside and this picture is showing way to the patient house, which even did not have proper path to get to her house. It also shows that apart from various circumstances, geographical and road access is another barrier to have good palliative care, however we were able to offer palliative service to her.

    Most Creative

    Toh Wei Shi

    Brand & Content Specialist, Communications, HCA Hospice

    From looking for donations of medical consumables, to exploring award nominations with attractive cash prizes, medical social worker Kimberly constantly looks out for ways to support little Esther and her mother, Nilar, who hails from Myanmar. The young family is saddled with debt, following a lengthy hospital stay in the NICU after Esther was born premature with a genetic condition. The sight of Kimberly’s petite self lugging heavy boxes of medical consumables to their home is testament to her dedication to each family she serves.

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