Caregivers play a key role in supporting seniors.  The Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) has developed a series of resource booklets and brochures to support and empower caregivers in their caregiving journey.


Inpatient Hospices and Palliative Care Wards in Community Hospitals

Click to download a summary of inpatient hospice service providers in Singapore.
Frequently asked questions on types of service, eligibility and cost are also addressed. 

How to Administer Medications

Click to download step-by-step infographics on different methods of medication administration.


Caring for Yourself After a Death

For someone who has lost a loved one, this booklet provides a brief overview of some of the common grief reactions and tips on self-care. When excessive grief is a concern, do not despair, help is available.

Nutrition in Advanced Illnesses

This booklet provides an overview of the common reasons for the loss in appetite for patients with advanced illnesses and suggestions on how caregivers can help make meal time more enjoyable. There are recipes and tips on food modification to suit the different needs of each individual.

Understanding the Final Hours

The “final hours” refers to the period just before death occurs. It may range from the last hours to short days. This booklet will help to prepare and walk through with the caregiver the process of what is to come. Symptoms and signs of reaching the last hours are well-explained together with suggestions on how caregivers could continue to care for his/her loved one. There are also practical steps to take after a loved one has passed on. Self-care tips are also included to prevent exhaustion and burnouts during this difficult time.

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