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Community Bereavement Service Providers (as at 31 Oct 2018)
Children’s Cancer Foundation
For children who lost their caregivers to cancer | Tel: 6229 3701
Counselling and Care Centre
For those who need bereavement counselling | Tel: 6536 6366
Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching
For grieving elderly above 50 years old | Tel: 6593 9549
Life Point
For those who lost an elderly family member | Tel: 6538 9877
Montfort Care
For anyone who has lost a significant person
Tel: 81810448
O’Joy Care Services
For those above 18 who need grief counselling | Tel: 6749 0190
SAGE Counselling Centre
For seniors above 50 or their family/caregivers | Tel: 6354 1191
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
For those bereaved by suicide or having suicidal thoughts
Tel: 1800 221 4444 (24-hr Hotline)
Email Befriending:
Viriya Community Services
For those who lost someone from a chronic medical condition
Tel: 6285 8033 (by appointment only)
Wicare Support Group
For widows and their children | Tel: 6354 2475


You can also approach a social worker in a health or social service institution known to you for bereavement support.