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Westgate L1 Courtyard 裕廊东西城购物中心

by Singapore Cancer Society

Language: English

Eslinda’s caregiving experience was an enriching one. It was a situational opportunity without the luxury of training. The Palliative Team at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) and the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Hospice Care team assigned to her aunt, the patient, were her amazing guides and resources.

The most intimidating part of being a caregiver was having to properly load syringes with accurate dosages of medication and ensuring proper management of the portable machine to facilitate subcutaneous flow of opioids that kept her aunt comfortable in her pain. The hospice team was patient and effective in training and encouraging Eslinda.

The most fearful time though, was dealing with unexpected alarms from the machine in the middle of the night and trying to troubleshoot them without panic.

In those times, her aunt’s spirit and smile, despite her pain and situation, gave Eslinda inspiration and courage. She opened up a whole new world of purpose in life for Eslinda.