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Westgate L1 Courtyard 裕廊东西城购物商场

by Mr Tay Kuang Teck 戴匡德先生

Project Happy Apples, NUS Medicine 开心苹果计划,国大医学院

Language: English & 中文

1. Mr Tay Kuang Teck, a volunteer with Project Happy Apples, NUS Medicine, will be sharing on how his befriending experiences have shaped him in his outlook on life and interactions with loved ones.


2. During the session, Mr Tay will lead the audience in a time of reflection and to share their experiences and lessons learnt from difficult conversations they may have had with their loved ones.


1. 戴匡德先生会在这个项目分享义工经历对于自己的生活观的启发,以及与亲人的互动与关系的影响。同时,会利用一个视频来介绍他的朋友。

2. 通过有奖问答的方式,以及分享个人经历,与观众进行互动。与此同时,也希望带动观众们分享自己与家人之间的互动,回想起一次难忘的经历,并且分享谈话时的困难,心情以及心得。