How to make it easier for people to live till the end at home?

Ms Sim Bee Hia - SPH Health Check 1

How to make it easier for people to live till the end at home?

On the episode of The Straits Times Health Check Podcast, released on 16 August 2023, Ms. Joyce Teo, Senior Health Correspondent at The Straits Times, engages in a compelling conversation with Ms. Sim Bee Hia, the Executive Director of the Singapore Hospice Council on the intricate challenges of passing away in the comfort of one’s own home.

The episode focuses on the desire of many individuals to spend their final moments at home, surrounded by loved ones. However, the reality is that achieving this goal is not straightforward. The conversation revolves around the challenges associated with enabling individuals to pass away at home, as well as the strategies being considered to facilitate this process.

Key Highlights:

1. Challenges to Dying at Home: 

  • The various challenges surrounding the concept of dying at home.

2. The Importance of Empowering Caregivers

  • Supporting caregivers effectively is essential for enhancing the quality of care provided.

3. Future of Dying at Home: 

  • How the concept of dying at home might evolve in the future. This includes advancements in technology and support systems that could impact the experience.

4. Role of Primary Care Doctors

  • The role that primary care doctors can play in facilitating end-of-life care at home is explored. Their involvement and expertise are crucial in ensuring a seamless transition and appropriate medical attention.

5. Raising Death Literacy of the Community:

  • Increasing death literacy can contribute to better decision-making and planning for individuals and their families.
Executive director of the Singapore Hospice Council Ms Sim Bee Hia (left), ST senior health correspondent Ms Joyce Teo (right)

Curious about making the final journey surrounded by the warmth of your own home? Listen to the full podcast:

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