Let's talk about end-of-life care

‘Lend Your Voice to Palliative Care’ is a nationwide social movement that invites you to spread the word about what is important at the end of life. No matter who you are or where your talents lie, find out how you can help bring hospice and palliative care to those who are most in need. And empower them to #LiveWellLeaveWell.

Many Singaporeans remain unaware about hospice and palliative care. Regarding one’s end of life, studies show that people most commonly wish they would:

  1. Not be a burden to one’s families
  2. Be surrounded by loved ones
  3. Leave with no regrets

To ensure more people have their wishes fulfilled, we need to help them understand what end-of-life care means and the options available to them.

Whether it’s offering a service/product/promotion, donating advertising space or creating beautiful works of art, anybody is welcome to lend a helping hand.
By offering existing services/products or creating a one-time promotion in support.
By contributing media space on-ground or on digital platforms.
By using one’s professional skills or artistic talents.

From something as simple as a shout-out on social media or by volunteering with us – you lend visibility to our campaign when you lend your voice.

Because by doing so, someone in your network could chance upon your message and/or efforts. He/she may have a loved one who’s been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Through this, our message of hope is shared, and end-of-life care options may be broached gently with someone who needs it the most.

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