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The Life Book series is an initiative by the Singapore Hospice Council aiming to raise awareness about palliative care by engaging the public with our community’s rich repository of stories. These stories will be told from many different perspectives, coming either from the patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and volunteers.

We hope more Singaporeans will be comfortable talking about end-of-life matters by providing adequate and easily accessible information for their reference and use. These books are free for the public to download.

Muat Turun
Life Book 1: Lawrence of Arabia

The only thing that you have and nobody else has is control over your life. How would you want to live out your final days? If you want to spend it with dignity and with the least possible pain, you need to plan ahead and make your decisions known now when you are able to, with sound body and mind. Follow therapy aide, Michael Lewis, as he tells a memorable story about his patient, Lawrence of Arabia, how Lawrence found himself again through palliative care. This book provides a beautiful window into the lives of professional healthcare workers and patients in the hospice.

* This book will only be available for borrowing at public libraries in November 2018.