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Live well. Leave well.

Death remains one of the biggest taboo of this age.

We will all face it one day.

Notwithstanding medical progress and increased longevity, death is a natural part of life. In recognising our mortality, we acknowledge our common humanity and hold on to what is important and precious.

Yet, we don’t talk about death. This lack of openness can lead to compromised care and support at the end of life. There may be regrets, things left unsaid and unfulfilled wishes.

The aim of this campaign is to change the way our society views death and dying. We encourage people to talk openly about what matters to them, and to make plans in advance. This is to avoid making decisions during a crisis when one is emotional, or passing this burden to our loved ones when we can no longer make decisions.

  • What matters to you and what doesn’t matter?

    Eg. What matters: family time, good symptom control
    Eg. What doesn’t matter: Prolonging life at the expense of comfort

  • How would you like to spend your remaining time?
  • Where would you want to be in your last days?