Live Well. Leave Well. Podcast

People live, people love, and people die. We all look for how we can best experience these phases of life. We love to celebrate life’s high points together but when it comes to sickness and grief, even a simple conversation isn’t so easy.

The Singapore Hospice Council wants to encourage open discussions about death and dying, and share with you how palliative care can help to relieve suffering, and empower patients and families in their end-of-life journey.

In each episode, you’ll hear different perspectives – caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals  – from the world of palliative care, sharing profound life lessons on Love, Dignity, Strength, and more.

Listen to find out how you can “Live Well and Leave Well”

New episodes every second Friday of the month. Follow Singapore Hospice Council on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn to get notified when new episodes are released.

Extended Trailer
Ep 1 - Introduction
Ep 2 - Dignity
Ep 3 - Love

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