Raising awareness of the palliative care option


Raising awareness of the palliative care option

On 3 and 5 August 2022, a student-led group named Restful Retreat from Anglo Chinese School (Independent) organised a two-session advocacy programme to raise awareness among youths about the importance of palliative care and end-of-life conversations. At the first session, Singapore Hospice Council’s (SHC) Executive Director, Ms Sim Bee Hia, introduced palliative care by sharing the modern hospice movement in Singapore. She also highlighted the multidisciplinary team approach that supports the caregivers of a palliative patient. “Many of us will be a caregiver for a loved one at least once in our lives. As a future caregiver, you must be aware of the palliative care option to help you and your loved ones cope when the time comes,” said Ms Sim.

One of the student organisers, Cheo Hao Min agrees, “Educating youths on such topics is crucial as they will be the caregivers of tomorrow. Should an unfortunate event happen to their elders, peers, or even themselves, education on palliative care provides them with an alternative for better end-of-life care.”

Ms Tan Ching Yee, Head of Psychosocial Services from HCA Hospice, facilitated an interactive session to teach the youths how to carry out conversations about death and active listening skills. At the end of the programme, the students brought home a set of Conversation Cards and Time of My Life Journal each to help them continue the discussion with their friends and families and discover what is important to them, including their values, motivation, beliefs and life goals.

Photo: SHC; ACSI

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