Palliative care can be provided at home, in nursing homes, hospices, specialist clinics, general and community hospitals, catering to every patient’s needs. Services provided include home care, day care, inpatient care and consultative services.

Click on your preferred care type and corresponding service provider for more information.

Under the Inpatient Hospice Palliative Care Service (IHPCS) from 1 April 2020, the above service providers provide:

  • General palliative care for patients with palliative care needs that require inpatient management. Examples include relieving symptoms such as pain and breathlessness through oral and subcutaneous medication, as well as socio-emotional support for patients and caregivers during this difficult time in their lives.
  • Specialised palliative care for patients with complex needs that require higher levels of care (compared with general palliative care). Examples include the administration of intravenous medication and specialised wound care for complex wounds.

* Bright Vision Hospital has been converted to house clinically-well COVID-19 patients as of April 2020.
** St Joseph’s Home only provides general palliative care.

For referrals to service providers of inpatient care, home care and day care services, click here (for healthcare professional use only).

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