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Dare to Talk, Care to Listen

Dielogues …

… are conversations that address our personal views on death and dying.

… are conversations focusing on matters that are important to us as we approach the end of life. These include:

  • Our preferred type of care
  • Our concerns on illness and suffering
  • Our definition of living well
  • Our concerns for family and other relationships
  • How we like to be remembered (will, funeral, legacy)
  • Practical matters like business, bills, estate
Dielogues are important …

… as we all die one day.

  • Every day about 
    0 people die in Singapore.
  • For many of us, we leave words unsaid and things undone until it is too late.
  • Many have found that by talking openly about dying, they got to make the most of life and gained mutual support in the process.
  • Conversely, when we avoid talking about dying, we can feel isolated as others fail to understand the concerns and provide the necessary support.

“Knowing what she wanted lifted a burden off me.”

“I did not want to add to their worries by leaving all my stuff for them to sort out.”

“We were having conflicts as to what was the best thing to do. If only we knew what he wanted.”

  • Without clear instructions, those left behind may also face difficulties tidying up loose ends. This may result in guilt, regrets and conflicts.